Loving line, form and colour, I combine them to express emotion in my abstract work. I also give Mother Nature a wink occasionally.

It has been a gradual transformation to where I am today, but a very enjoyable trip, learning a lot about myself in the process

I have attempted to depict that journey in this website: from early drawings to work done in California, a time of experimentation when I fell in love with colour. Australia displays my most current work.

Underlying my artwork is the desire to express the awakening to the spiritual realities which enliven me. Abstraction of form and the expressive use of colour and line are my means to show emotional and spiritual concepts in visual form. In abstraction I allow intuition to guide me to tap into the Universal subconscious memories we all hold in common. Intuition is a great tool to stimulate creativity. Communicating my spiritual journey through visual art is my Joy in life.